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Invidiam Armukade

Invidiam Armukade is a witch who seeks an entertaining show. She's known to be a lone witch who suffers from intense jealousy in others.

Appearance = Invidiam is a small, pale woman with an undeveloped body. Her eyes are dark green, hair is reddish-brown and she has a darkish red steak on her right hair bang. Her hairstyle is medium long, and her hair curls on the bottom and her hair bang covers her right eye. She wears a top hat on her head (which is originally a headband). For attire, she wears a black Gothic Lolita dress with white thick laces on the bottom of her dress skirt. She also wears a white ribbon underneath the dress collar. Below, she wears black and white striped socks and flat doll shoes. Usually, she is carrying a magic wand and her white rabbit plush.

Personality = Invidiam is very envious of the people around her and cannot handle it. She often cries over her desire of others. Most of the time Invidiam is giggly and polite, but she is cruel to the heart when she's playful or when angered. She has a thing for sweets and plush animals.

Invidiam: "~ this place seems lovely..~ Hello, I am Invidiam. An envious witch who seeks entertainment~ Pleased to meet you all~ "


Friends =

:iconwitchbernkastel: = I met Lady Bernkastel not so long ago~ It's such an honor to be friends with her~ I've heard many stories about herself and the games she attended.. according to her, they were very interesting and amusing, sadly I do not have the strength to stay at a game due to my jealousy...

:iconkai-chanz789: = I started to know more about Teddy..~ she seems very enjoyable and I have absolutely no problem with her..~ *giggles* her stories really do hit the spot.. *looks down*

:iconfuture-champion: = This young girl happens to be the younger version of Lady Bernkastel's furnitures~ *smiles* She's very polite and very adorable~! *giggles* She even offered to tie my hair in a ponytail.. which was very nice~ I'm hoping to get to know her more~

Acquaintances =

:iconwhite-pokemonplz: = Ah~ this is Lady Bernkastel's furniture~ She has introduced me to her not so long ago, and I do say she is quite interesting. Despite the fact that she's like most humans, who refuse to believe in magic and witches~

:icondontcallmesilv: = he..hehehe..~ again, Lady Bernkastel showed him to me~ well, she told me about a "doll" that I could play with, and he seems just fine~ he's so fun to play with~ *giggles*

:iconrainbowho-oh: = At first I thought she would be a threat to me, but once I've talked to her, I've realized how fascinating and kind she is~ I do admire this Illusionist she owns..~ if only..~

Furniture(s) =

:iconscared-of-everything: = Oh I've recently met this young lady a while ago~ I'm very fond of her, not only is she human, but she believes in the use of magic~ I'm surprised how kind she is to become my own furniture~

this is an RP account~ original account: MuffinChu


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Lost-and-Dead Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2012
[[I would love to RP right now but Fawn kind of can't leave the forest so that'd be a problem.]]
Invidiam Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2012
(( Hmmm.. maybe Invidiam can appear in the forest? :3c ))
Lost-and-Dead Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2012
[[Okay, good idea!]]
Invidiam Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2012
(( Do you wanna start now or..~? :3c))
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White-Pokemonplz Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
"Hey, I'd like to tell you something." she looked down at her feet. "I believe in magic and witches now, and that is thanks to you. I respect you, don't ruin that."
Invidiam Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012
Invidiam: E-Eh? *blinks* T-Thanks to me? *points at herself* Now this seems very unusual.. especially since you are telling me your belief at a very sudden moment~ *small smile* now what made you believe, dear~?
White-Pokemonplz Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
"I just thought over what you said and figured no human being could just make that then I began to believe."
Invidiam Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012
Invidiam: Oh~ now that is something that's interesting~ *giggles* believing is great~ but I wont harm~ *smiles*
Future-CHAMPION Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2012
"Hey, who are you?" Touko asked in her normal energetic tone, staring at the girl. "I like your hair!"

((Here, have a young Touko because she is adorable.))
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